Machine Translations

Machine Translations

OhMachine Translations’ new album Oh is out on Spunk Records in late 2017. Showcasing a more forward rock ‘n roll sound and a potent collection of new songs, Oh also features artwork and video by standout animator Jonathan Nix (see the clip for the song Sola below). Oh is MT’s 9th studio album and captures the energy of the band playing in a room with J. Walker exploring new lyrical and melodic territory in trademark Machine Translations style.

Starting off as a bunch of lo-fi recording and songwriting experiments on a cassette tape, Machine Translations has evolved through numerous incarnations and 8 album releases into one of Australia’s most inventive and hard-to-categorise musical acts. MT’s musical mastermind J. Walker takes elements as diverse as ethnic folk, electronica, rock ‘n roll and contemporary classical and weaves them into something that is both distinctive and compelling. Walker’s dedication to the songwriter’s art and his willingness to explore and create new sounds makes for a rich and multi-layered listening experience that rewards repeated listening. The Machine Translations band also features Ralf Rehak (drums), James O’Brien (bass) and Robin Waters (keys and guitars).

Critical reaction to Machine Translation’s last album The Bright Door:

‘J. Walker does something that doesn’t really make sense. He is both pastoral and claustrophobic, comforting and disturbing….another winning album.’ Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald

‘Big, glorious, deep, contemplative…Walker just keeps getting better.’ Kate Hennessy – Mess and Noise

‘The Bright Door is a wonderfully rich and immersive album and a reminder that out past the trends and popularity contests there are still songwriters like J Walker trawling the deep waters of creativity.’ Chris Familton – Faster Louder
‘The album as a whole is hauntingly beautiful. The Bright Door gives long term fans a chance to re-acquaint themselves with Machine Translations and rediscover what a gem this band is, whilst serving up a new generation of fans something fresh and relevant.’ Jaime Macmillan – Happy