Amnesia1997 Abstract Poverty – album
1998 Halo – album
1999 Holiday In Spain – album
2001 Bad Shapes – album
2002 Happy – album
2003 Love On The Vine – EP
2004 Venus Traps Fly – album
2005 Wolf On A String EP
2007 Seven Seven Album
2014 The Bright Door Album


‘inventive song-writing and dazzling studio alchemy’ – New York Times

‘simultaneously beautiful and magnificently cracked’ – Brisbane Courier Mail

‘awesome…introspective and free of the constraints of expectation…a natural gem’ – Juice Magazine

‘The Holy Grail of the contemporary music scene, a modern classic’ – Canberra Times

‘J.Walker takes folk into the great beyond…and it’s very beautiful’ – Rolling Stone

‘fascinating listening…a must-see live show’ – Sydney Morning Herald

‘don’t try and categorise this…it’s simply unique and brilliant’ – Buzz Magazine

‘best new talent’ – The Melbourne Age

‘this is music to cherish and learn from’ – Revolver Magazine